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Afro Samurai: Focus Kill Frenzy

Feature: Seven blood-soaked videos 'Fro your viewing pleasure

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There's a lot of fun to be had with this, and there's a surprising amount of freedom in your attacks - just tilt the left stick in the direction you want your swipe to go, and (thanks to that lovely slow-mo effect), you'll be able to pick individual limbs from your opponents to best suit your needs. Watch as we manage an 'Android Flush'.

Afro's not too bothered about who he kills. Anyone who stands in his way is fair game, so when a group of topless women get all 'Femme Fatale' on him, he gives them the same warm feeling as he gives everyone else - that of blood gushing over their bare skin.

Focus Frenzy
While the L1 Focus attacking is where the meat of the gameplay is to be found, it's worth holding off from using it every once in a while. After chaining combos together (signified by more and more blood spatters on the screen), Afro's pendant gleams white. This indicates the special focus state is available. Triggered by L2, this gives you about ten seconds or so of drastically increased attack power, resulting in one-hit kills with standard enemies. Watch as we demolish a room full of em, in one hacking frenzy. Great stuff.

The game is out this Friday.

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