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Warhawk director leaves Incognito

Dylan Jobe has left the building

Dylan Jobe, director of Warhawk for PS3, has left Salt Lake City, Utah developer Incognito Entertainment.

But the industry vet will maintain close ties with Sony and PlayStation platforms with the foundation of LightBox Interactive, also based in Salt Lake City. Jobe, who will serve as president of the new studio, has already signed a multi-year, multi-title deal to create undisclosed "exclusive software titles" for PlayStation platforms.

Incognito appears to be no more. SCEA's Scott Goryl told Edge, "All former Incognito Entertainment employees are now employed at LightBox Interactive."

Jobe's experience in development of the online-only game Warhawk may come in handy in his future endeavors with LightBox. Sony Computer Entertainment America director of internal development John Hight noted, "Through pioneering many online and community features on PlayStation Network with the multiplayer game Warhawk, this team is established as leaders in the online category."

However, the nature of LightBox's current projects is under wraps.

Aside from Warhawk, Jobe is also known for his work on War of the Monsters and Twisted Metal: Black for PS2.

"We've forged a fantastic relationship with SCEA over the past nine years and with the formation of LightBox Interactive, our partnership will continue to grow, fueling the development of great games for players around the globe," Jobe said in a statement.

Article supplied by Edge-Online