First Madden NFL 10 screen

Looks nice, if American Football's your thing

EA's put out the first shot of Madden NFL 10, this year's update to the massive American Football franchise.


"We're hitting the real sweet spot of development for this generation of consoles as the team is really hitting its stride in squeezing every ounce of power and capability from the hardware," promises EA Sports chief Peter Moore.

"In fact, the Madden team is taking such dramatic strides this year that we're in the position to go deep on features and details earlier than we've ever done before. The old adage says, "A picture is worth a thousand words", and that is certainly true in this fantastic shot."

As someone who's held lofty positions at Sega, and more recently US-based powerhouses Microsoft and EA, you'd be forgiven for not knowing Moore was born in Liverpool and that he's a proper football fan too.

"Spectacular win for Liverpool yesterday versus Aston Villa, on the heels of Man Utd's debacle at Fulham on Saturday. Too little too late, or are Man Utd about to implode? Either way, the Premier League is going down to the wire, and squad depth and injuries will ultimately be the deciding factor," he adds on his blog.