Resi 6 could take eight years

But hopefully only four if Capcom green lights it, says Resi 5 producer

Resident Evil 5 producer Masachika Kawata has said that gamers may have to wait up to eight years for Resident Evil 6, assuming the project gets the go ahead.


"We haven't decided whether we're going to make Resident Evil 6 yet," Kawata told The Gadget Show. "But if we do, it could take anywhere up to eight years, but hopefully only four."

Fellow Resi 5 producer Jun Takeuchi said previously that the next instalment in the series will be a full franchise reboot, but we'd be more than a little bit surprised if it took eight years to rework the formula.

The horror series has already undergone somewhat of a change in formula recently, with the latest entry more action-orientated than previous releases. Check out our Resident Evil 5 review here.