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Lost Planet 2: New details revealed

Capcom's four-player bug-hunt revealed in US press

New details on Capcom's Lost Planet 2 have emerged, via the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine in the US.

The second game, as we suspected, shifts the focus from the original's lonely drudge through the snow to a four-player bug explosion-fest.

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"Lost Planet 2 will put a huge emphasis on your responsibility to your team," says OXM. "Besides having you mind your own T-ENG reserves when the fighting gets rough, Capcom also plans to incorporate something called a 'Team Military Power Bar.' If you happen to die during a mission, you'll be able to immediately respawn at a data post - but your team's overall Military Power Bar will take a hit."

From the sound of OXM's first-look preview it's a more action-packed, customisable - and less snowy - action experience. And there are plenty of skyscraper size boss monsters for you and your mates to take down...

"My three comrades have scattered to the winds," says OXM of it first battle with a "three-story high" boss monster. "One guy has climbed into a clunky VS and is scrapping it out along the waterlogged canyon floor, while another dude is unloading round after round from a firearm best described as a handheld missile launcher.

"And yet another buddy has somehow grapple-hooked onto the back of the monster and is now riding it like a giant, living surfboard.

"No matter where everyone has dug in on the map, we're all madly cramming lead into the beast's various 'hotspots' - areas on his body that faintly glow a molten orange colour from thermal energy," adds OXM in its battle report.

"For now, we're each concentrating on two of the salamander's knees to render it immobile. And the minute the second knee buckles, the creature stumbles to the ground with its mouth wide open. A team mate bravely hops in - as we all watch his screen in slack-jawed awe - he enters the creatures cavernous innards..."

The mag also notes that "There's no one character in the game. You're a snow pirate and you can customise everything from your armour, starting weapons right down to your cheeky finishing taunt. There are new melee moves too, which are said to be "a little like the chainsaw in Gears of War".

So far Lost Planet 2's only confirmed for Xbox 360.