Pachter: "We've seen the last generation of consoles"

Analyst calls game over for new console hardware

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that the current generation of consoles will be the last.


"I think we've seen the last generation of consoles," Pachter said, although he expects Nintendo to upgrade Wii down the line, perhaps with HD and more storage.

"[Third party publishers] are not going to support a PS4 or Xbox 720," he added. "The content is not going to change in any meaningful ways because the publishers can't afford it."

Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian and David Cole of DFC Intelligence disagree, both suggesting we'll see one more console generation launching in 2012.

The trio were speaking at the the GamesBeat 2009 Games Conference, as reported by 1UP.

There's been much talk of a new standard games delivery platform in the past few days since GDC kicked off, namely OnLive's innovative new distribution service.