Major Resistance 2 DLC and patch today

New maps, online modes and more inbound

Insomniac's preparing to unleash a host of new Resistance 2 content today via DLC and a new patch.

The DLC's main component is 'The Aftermath Map Pack', which features three new multiplayer battlefields (Aftermath, Pit Stop and Outpost), all of which support 20-player Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, while Outpost also lets you play 20-player Core Control. It'll cost $5.99.

There'll be six new competitive multiplayer character skins available for $0.99 each too, but more significantly patch 1.50 introduces two game modes.

'Meltdown Mode' will mark the return of the original Resistance's multiplayer mode that sees each team attempt to gain control of the map by capturing beacons, while 'Superhuman Co-op Mode' introduces a new difficulty level for eight player co-op play with stronger enemies and auto-respawning disabled.

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There's plenty more added and fixed in the patch including second PSN login support. Get the full details on the PS Blog.