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Army Of Two Returns

PSW scoops exclusive details, screens and interview on Army Of Two The 40th Day

High-five through the ruins of Shanghai as the most un-PC duo return to PS3, read all in PSW 119!

EA Montreal opened its doors to PSW and showed us what to expect from the return of Salem and Rios. We weren't massive fans of the first game, it was fun but flawed, so it was refreshing to hear the developer say as much in our exclusive interview, as EA Montreal look to build on the best bits of Army Of Two while ignoring the distractions. Read the full feature in PSW 119 on sale now.

As well as EA, Sony was also busy inviting people in to its inner sanctum. This month we got a glimpse of God Of War III, including new screens and details on the return of Kratos. Our massive 12-page feature examines every inch of the new game; it's levels, enemies, AI, ride-able beasts, gigantic boss battles and more are exposed in our unlimited feature.

The final open-doors event saw Bramble fly to New York to visit Raven, getting to be the first UK PS3 mag to play Wolfenstein and we interview the team behind X-Men Origins Wolverine and find out just why this one won't be a summer movie tie-in stinker.

For fight fans we've got the first PS3 review of WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania, plus Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 and Sega's Stormrise vie for best RTS on Sony's console.

Don't forget, hidden inside the bag is your free double-sided DVD packed with game saves, HD footage and the latest trailers of the biggest games. Plus there's a guidebook to Resident Evil 5 and a history of the survival horror series in there too, for free!

Get the scoop on Army Of Two The 40th Day, God Of War III and Wolfenstein only in PSW 119, on sale now!