OMG secret Killzone characters REVEALED!1!!!1!11!!

The best - and mostly worst - of the web's April Fool jokes

Yes, it's April 1st, the day when the entire games industry suddenly becomes crashingly unfunny/even less funny than usual. One of the day's biggest japes comes from the official Killzone website, where Guerrilla have given away cheat codes that SUPPOSEDLY unlock Scolar Visari and Radec as playable online characters. Is it true? (Clue: Imagine those words spoken by Droopy, but on a bad day when he's woken up in a bin after a night on the pops, and he's forced to phone in his lines from a pay phone).

When you click on the 'See the characters in action!' link this preposterous video plays...

What other dazzlingly funny game-related April Fools have you seen online? Here's a list of the best and worst. There are actually no 'best', just some that are less hateful than others...

"Umbrella corporation requests government bailout" HAH HAH HAH!11!!111

"Tapir Wars" HO HO HO!!111

"PS3 price cut" LOLOLOLOLOL!!1

"New PSP revealed!" OH OUR SIDES.

There's also this thing on the official Kojima Productions website. It apparently teases the new MGS, but we suspect the constant 'buffering' status is all part of the big hah-hah. Can any of you guys get it working?

We'd groan, but we've literally no groans left.

April Fool's Day? It's like the aliens trying to sneak their Venezuelan-sized mothership onto Earth on global 'Watch the Skies!' day. Or something funnier/more prescient.