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Left 4 Dead to get matchmaking fix

Team-based Versus matching and skill match headed for Valve shooter

Valve has revealed some of the matchmaking updates it has planned for excellent zombie shooter Left 4 Dead.

The bullet points on the developer's big 'to do' list include team-based matchmaking in Versus mode and player skill matching.

"To support the SDK, we are extending the matchmaking system to allow for third party campaigns," Valve said on its blog.

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"We will be adding extra features so players will be able to find dedicated servers running the campaigns they have installed. They will also be able to see friends playing third party campaigns, and be directed to download them as necessary.

"Another major feature we are planning to add to the matchmaking system at a future date is team-based Versus matching. This will allow two teams of four to locate each other and compete in a Versus match," it added.

"We are also revamping our player matching based on skill level. Currently the system tries to match people with the same skill level and best pings together. We will be revisiting this system to tweak it based on data we have collected."

The game's first DLC pack is released later this month.