Konami does SAW - shots

Silent Hill house now handling SAW game - first shots

Konami has picked up the rights to the already-in-development SAW game, it's been confirmed.

The game, in development at Blacklight dev Zombie Studios, was originally to be published by the now defunct Brash. Konami will now help finish up the SAW game under its "own direction".

"Because we have leadership in the survival horror genre, we're passionate about it and wanted to find another property on par with 'Silent Hill," Konami marketing man David Daniels explained to Variety's Cut-Scene.


"Saw has grossed over $600 million worldwide and sold over 16 million DVDs, so we felt like it was a great opportunity to align ourselves with one of the most successful horror film franchises in history."

The game's plot will be completely original, with gameplay focusing on torturer Jigsaw's signature traps. You take control of a character in an asylum who has to decide whether and how to solve the puzzles and save Jigsaw's victims.

It's planned for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.