OPM UK responds to Final Fantasy rumours

Settles controversy over missing page

The internet has gone into conspiracy theory overdrive over a missing page from the UK Official PlayStation Magazine's Final Fantasy XIII preview.

The last page of the huge preview, which we detailed earlier, is gone, but not because Square sent out its helicopters. Nothing that exciting. OPM has issued the below statement:


"Those of you who pick up a copy of this month's Official PlayStation Magazine (issue 31, with Bioshock 2 on the cover) will notice that its world exclusive Final Fantasy XIII hands-on feature just stops right in the middle of a [SNIP].

"Yes, the last page is missing, but contrary to widespread speculation Square Enix played no role in its last minute removal. The regrettable decision was taken due to a production problem with an advert printed on the other side of the page in question.

"However, the team doesn't want you to miss out on the info contained within the lost page, which includes details of the game's European release direct from producer Yoshinori Kitase. As a result all subscribers will shortly receive an email containing a PDF of the final page.

"In addition, the entire feature will be available free, online, later this month - more details of which will follow nearer the magazine's on sale date of 14 April. After that date, those who've purchased the magazine and want the missing page will also be able to get it by emailing, subject line 'FFXIII PDF request'.

"The OPM team apologises for any inconvenience this has caused you."