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Preview: Bark at the moon...

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Once inside the building the source of the energy was apparent: an oversized desk toy comprised of three massive spinning rings. The entire thing glowed with occult energy, and by jumping into the Veil I could see that each of the rings was host to a conspicuous weak point. Mire slowed the rings down to a crawl, and with a few carefully aimed shots from my MP40 the contraption began to spin itself into oblivion, spewing out unfocused Veil energy and generally making a proper old mess.

A zombified Nazi (in an authentic uniform) promptly appeared and tore my face off, which is where the playtest came to an end - just as things were getting interesting.

Raven are still holding a lot of their cards close to their chest, and while much of the content they've shown so far has us slightly concerned (the warmed-up WWII guff being the main offender), the features they've yet to give us full access to are enticing. The level structure and the exploration, the weapon upgrade systems, and the yet to be revealed Veil powers - there's a lot still to be seen here, and there's even more to be Wolfensteined.

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