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Shadow of the Colossus hits Hollywood

Legend of Chun-Li writer Justin Marks on board for PS2 game-movie adaptation

If there aren't already enough videogame-based films on the way, you can add PS2 stunner Shadow of Colossus to the list, as Hollywood snaps up the giant slaying franchise for the movie works.


If you've never played SotC, get your act together. In it, you play as Wander, a dude who travels to a forbidden land to ask a powerful spirit to revive his dead lady friend. The spirit agrees, but only if he slays 12 colossi - fricking enormous giants so big you won't believe they could do it on PS2.

Justin Marks, writer on the recently-released Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, has been handed writing privileges for the SotC film.

Its art style, fairly minimalist plot and tense giant-climbing gameplay made the game one of the PS2's best, so they'd better not mess up the film.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter. Thanks Rick.]