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Mythic Map Pack on Live

New Halo 3 maps drop for the Easter holidays

Bungie has finally released the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack. You can almost smell those extra achievement points ready to be picked up. The pack will set you back 800 Microsoft Points.

Here's the official line:

  • Investigate Orbital's abandoned hallways - before it was evacuated, the Quito Space Tether was heralded as the "Civil Engineering Monument of the Millennium."

  • Witness Assembly, where Scarab hulls loom overhead, being decontaminated in preparation for the city-sized Lekgolo colonies that will breathe life into the massive metal husks.

  • An excavation site surrounded by deadly Forerunner defences, the mysteries of Sandbox are hidden high above, deep below, and right before your eyes.

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