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Sony closing ThreeSpeech

Making way for new EU Blog from April 17

Sony's UK-based blog, ThreeSpeech, will close on April 17 to make way for a new EU Blog.

More info is promised within the next few days, but here's the word from ThreeSpeech itself:


"As of April the 17th Three Speech will be bowing out to make way for a brand new and shiny EU PlayStation blog.

"It's your feedback, comments and suggestions that have made this possible, so you should all be very proud! Obviously both Three Speech and SCE UK are very grateful to everyone who has made this site so busy and lively over the past two and half years.

"Your input has really helped PlayStation to grow, and the new blog will be a further way for you to contribute ideas. It's been good fun meeting all of you and we're looking forward to seeing you on the EU blog!"

Dry your eyes.

[Source: ThreeSpeech]