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New WiiWare racer unveiled

Driift out in July, and yes, that's how it's spelt

Konamii has liifted the liid on a new classiic Super Sprint-style top-down racer called Driift - with two 'I's.

"Viewed from above, Driift is a fast-paced racer that allows up to eight players to race each other, using cartoon-style cars. Featuring twelve different tracks based on four themed environments - cityscape, hills, snow and a desert oasis - players can also select one of 32 vehicles from four categories," explains Konami.

To make things more interesting some vehicles will be better suited to particular terrain than others, making your choice of wheels an important one.


Seven multiplayer modes will be included, letting players use combinations of Wii Remotes, Nunchuks and Classic Controllers in different gameplay scenarios.

These range from standard race and team race modes, to more interesting games like Contamination, when one player is 'it' and must tag other players, or Cold Potato, where the player with the potato must run from others.

Look for it, and it's silly name, on the Wii Shop in July. First shots are below.