Hudson does new action adventure for DS

Konami-published title due in September

Konami has revealed plans to publish a brand new DS-exclusive action adventure game from Hudson Soft, entitled Miami Crisis.

Here's the official word:

"A mix of crime-scene detection and action elements, MIAMI CRISIS offers the player to guide one of two characters - Martin Law from the Miami PD or FBI Agent Sara Starling - as they are charged with solving a series of linked crimes in the US city.

"Law is an intense officer who will use any means necessary to make a bust, while Sterling is an intelligent agent with an eye for detail, and both will face different challenges as the game unfolds.

"Playing as Martin Law, players will experience a more action-orientated game, wherein the Miami PD officer becomes embroiled in the hard-edged side of law enforcement, with MIAMI CRISIS throwing up car chases, intense shoot-outs and face-offs.

Alternatively, playing as Starling presents a more puzzle-solving side to the game, with the FBI agent using forensics and detailed examination techniques to search for clues. Both are working to uncover a shadowy terrorist conspiracy, but their successes and failures along the way will have an ongoing effect on the plot."

Look out for the first shots soon. Game's out in September.