WoW: Secrets of Ulduar released

Along with footage of the new Uldar raid

Blizzard has released the latest content update for World of Warcraft, entitled Secrets of Ulduar (aka Patch 3.1).

"The gates of the mysterious titan stronghold of Ulduar have swung open, granting players access to an all-new level-80 raid dungeon with normal (10-person) and heroic (25-person) versions and optional hard-mode encounters for those seeking an additional challenge," says Blizzard. We can already feel our stubble growing.


"Secrets of Ulduar also includes the new Argent Tournament in Icecrown Citadel, the dual-talent-specialization feature, multiple user-interface upgrades, and some significant changes to class talents and abilities. Be sure to visit your class trainer, as all talent points have been reset."

If you want to get really specific about stuff, the list of changes is literally thousands of words long and can be checkout on Blizzard's Patch Note page.

And a video showing off the new areas in the patch is right here.