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Banjo-Tooie XBLA priced, dated

Rare nails down final details for Banjo sequel

Banjo's second (and even larger, believe it or not) N64 adventure, Banjo-Tooie will be out on XBLA from April 29, Rare has just confirmed.

Update: Rare's just let us know that Banjo-Tooie will cost 1200 MSP. Same as the original. Update out

Not just a direct port, Rare says: "it's full to the brim with updates and tweaks from the original release, not least being a super-charged frame rate and some fully-featured Stop 'N' Swoppery."


This nails down Rare's previous April announcement. The game will release alongside a slew of new Banjo-themed Gamerpics, each pack costing 80 MS Points.

"But what of teh Stupz 'n' Swupz, we hear you wail? Don't panic! We'll have more juicy details about that last nugget in due course," says Rare via its blog. More soon then.