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Huge SingStar update tomorrow

Trophies and a new look planned for My SingStar Online

Sony is about to update the SingStar experience to version 3.01, which brings "cool new features, trophies and a new look for My SingStar Online." Girl power!

According to Sony's official info, there are over 30 trophies now up for grabs, including Super Singer Gold, Keep it Cool, and All Eyes On You. There's also a brand-new SingStar Voice Control function.


"Simply announce the track you want to perform next into your microphone, and watch it appear on your screen," says the firm. Sounds like the work of the devil to us. Bet it doesn't work when you're pissed and shout "Gimme some Oasis you ****!"

This function will be available with SingStar Pop Edition at launch and for all SingStar PS3 users as a free download from SingStore Extras on April 22.

The downside to all these upsides is that SingStore and My SingStar Online will be unavailable for around eight hours at some point today.