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Skype "possible" for DSi

But Nintendo says it has "no plans"

Mounting speculation over a 'DS Phone' has turned attention towards the possibility of voice-over-IP software coming to the more online-friendly DSi.

Skype, one of the more popular VoIP apps has already been released on PSP and, more recently, on iPhone and iPod Touch via the iTunes App Store. A Skype rep has said that a release on DSi could be possible.


Skype's growth strategy includes "extending the Skype infrastructure and platform to bring Skype functionality wherever, whenever, and on whatever device or site people choose to use it," said a rep.

"Whilst we can't comment on any future plans to bring Skype to Nintendo's DSi, it would technically be possible," the rep told TechRadar.

Nintendo, however, has told CVG: "We have no plans to release a Skype application for Nintendo DS or DSi." That's that then.