AVP dev no longer limited by hardware

PSW reveals first gameplay and plot details

Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley has revealed the first solid details for the upcoming Alien vs. Predator game.

Just like the original, the new game will feature three player classes - Aliens, Predators and Marines - each with their own distinct powers and abilities that will form a scissors-paper-stone-style balance system in multiplayer.


But each class will have their own single-player campaign too, as Kinsgley told the mag: "The game is set about 30 years after Aliens on a new planet. It has been colonised for around 20 years and already had a breathable atmosphere.

"As the Colony continued digging for minerals they discovered ancient ruins that immediately caught the attention of Weyland Yutani, who began doing a more thorough sweep of the rest of the planet. That was seven years ago, and recently the company found what they were looking for, but couldn't contain it..."

Kingsley says the game will "dovetail directly into the 20th Century Fox movies, too", but how will it compare to the old games?

"We always had many more ideas that we wanted to put into the previous games, but were limited by the hardware of the time," he told PSW in its world-exclusive preview.

"Now we have been able to push things far further than before. So there's plenty of inspiration and features from the previous games, including the key, iconic weapons and equipment from the 1999 game forming the basis for the latest version's gameplay."

Loads more info and the first images can be seen in the exclusive six-page preview in issue 120 of PSW, on sale now.