Resident Evil Archives revealed for Wii

A re-release of the GameCube remake of Resi 1. You follow?

Capcom is gearing up to release yet more Resident Evil for Wii - although it's not a lightgun shooter this time. It's Resident Evil Archives, a Wii remake of the GameCube remake of Resident Evil 1, and will be out in June.

The Wii rendition of quite possibly the most remade game of all time (maybe except for Tetris) appears to be a straight port of the GameCube game, which still looks brilliant, we must say.


Fans know the deal; you take control of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield in their encounters with the undead in that classic mansion setting - only it looks a billion times better than originally on PSone, and has a few new areas, too.

There's no mention of how the controls may be adapted for Wii, although we wouldn't expect any pointer shooting malarkey given the traditional fixed camera view.

First shots are below.