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200 Reasons to Love PC Gaming - Pt. 1

Celebrating 200 issues of PC Gamer

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18. Dicking around with Deus Ex
"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" This brilliant fan edit of the Deus Ex cutscenes will put you in stitches. See why we're laughing at

19. Creepy ragdolls
Our inner child still giggles when a goon dies with his hand on his friend's bottom. Sometimes we'll shoot them again and again and again, just so their face edges a little closer to their partner's crotch. Don't mock. We've all done it.

20. Old games on new hardware
The first thing you do when you buy a new graphics card? Install your old games to marvel at the frame-rates and resolution. That's why we still keep Far Cry and Crysis nearby.

21. Abandonware
Preserving the history of gaming, one ancient DOS strategy game at a time. If you've got an old game you can't get running, try DOSBox, a little gadget that works wonders for classic games, which is available on our DVD.


22. Emulators
Want to play Super Mario on your laptop? Well, legally, you can't. But if you download zSnes, and the appropriate ROM packs, you can. In fact, you can play every SNES game ever made.

23. Hello Kitty Torch Mod for Doom 3
A sweet cartoon projected onto Hell's nastiest monsters - why, they'd die of shame if it wasn't for the bullets getting there first.

24. Text Adventures
If you want a glimpse of the power of interactive fiction, try Anchorhead, a creepy, Lovecraft-inspired adventure. Try it online at

25. The Independent Games Festival
This competition, run in parallel with the Game Developer Conference, provides a platform for bedroom coders to launch their latest projects. Previous winners include Darwinia (PCG 146, 90%), Gish (PCG 138, 85%) and Aquaria (PCG 198, 80%). We've got demos from this year's nominees on the DVD.

26. Mouse and Keyboard
Making possible headshots, /dance and the entire real-time strategy genre.

27. Backwards compatibility
Everything was fine until Vista came along. Boo to Bill Gates and technical progress.

28. The sniper dot
"You've got red on... oh."

29. Team Fortress 2 content updates
Because staying up all night waiting for a patch to download is big, clever and cool. Since launch Valve have added achievements, new weapons and the brilliant Payload game mode.

30. FEAR's Slow-mo
What the f-u-u-u-u- whunk.


31. Quickload
F9 is our second best friend.

32. Quicksave
F5 is our best friend.

33. Richard Burns Rally
Want to be a rally driver? Before you pinch the keys to your dad's Focus, try RBR, the most sensuously realistic rally game ever. Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's joyless; get your flow on and there's nothing like it. The truth is, RBR felt unfinished on release, with slightly borked tarmac stages and disappointing car models. A talented community has fixed that, allowing players to deluge the base game with gorgeously authentic cars, custom setups and homemade stages - all for free.

34. Audiosurf
Musicians are right. Playing music is fun.

35. Gaming photography
Because there is no better desktop wallpaper than the sun setting on the majestic savannah of Far Cry 2.

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