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200 Reasons to Love PC Gaming - Pt. 1

Celebrating 200 issues of PC Gamer

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36. Talking to your mates while you play
Because IRC chat is almost as interesting as an extended European land war.

37. The '~' key
It's called a tilde, and it lets you turn the gravity off. Win.

38. Drawing boxes around tiny men
When all else fails, Select All and right click on your problems. If only this worked in real life too.

39. Naked pig slapping
MMO mechanics can occasionally lead to the most absurd results: particularly when players have to repeat a single action to level up a certain skill. Take for instance, Ryzom, in which players found a unique way to level their healing skill. High level characters would strip naked and drop their weapons (thus losing any bonuses their armour would give them), and get into a fight with the lowest level monsters in the game: in this case, pigs. Their friends would then heal the tiny amount of damage caused, each slap and resultant heal moving their healing skills one point higher.


40. High definition Gaming
We call it 'using a monitor', and we've been doing it since 1992. Catch up, consoles.

41. Dual monitors
Because we can watch TV and play games at the same time.

42. Kane
Nice face. Nice head. Nice man.

43. 40-man raids
We need more dots.

44. No corporate overlords
If you want to make a game, Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo aren't going to tell you that you can't. And with 196 million games-capable PCs in the world, if it's good enough, you will find your audience. That's the clear power of the PC as a platform: anything is possible. And everything eventually finds an audience.

45. Dwarf Fortress
The most sophisticated, difficult, and absorbing management game we've played in a long, long time. You manage a small population of dwarves living inside a mountain. The awful text-graphics may put you off; don't let them. This is as complicated, and as rewarding, as any major PC game. You'll find the full game on our DVD.

46. 196 Million PC Gamers worldwide
We're not a hobby. We're a nation.

47. Laptops
We buy them for 'work' but then always end up installing Galactic Civilizations and Civ IV on them. All hail portable PC gaming.

Play it at

49. Peggle
The world's most hypnotic unicorn, and the one game you can definitely play drunk.

50. Speed runs
Did you realise that you can complete Deus Ex in 45 minutes? We never will, but we're happy to watch someone else do it. See the madness at


50. Speed runs
Did you realise that you can complete Deus Ex in 45 minutes? We never will, but we're happy to watch someone else do it. See the madness at

51. Rigs of Rods
This brilliant free simulation lets you drive an astonishing breadth of vehicles, with a radically innovative physics system. It could only exist on the PC. Try it at

52. Voxels, texels, Megatextures, et al
The more buzzwords, the better the game. Fact.

53. £1,000 Wheels and Flightsticks
Once we've built our PC gaming shed, it will be filled with ridiculous controllers. First choice: the HOTAS Cougar, a £200+ flightstick modelled on the control block of an F-16. Do want.

54. Call of Duty 4's ending
Price! Noooo! Clearly, he'll be back. But, Nooooo!

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