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200 Reasons to Love PC Gaming - Pt. 1

Celebrating 200 issues of PC Gamer

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55. Men in hats
Tricorns for Empire. Helmets for World War II. Every genre has a headpiece of choice.

56. Screensavers that save the world
Do you leave your PC on all night? Don't, you're killing the planet. But if you must, download Folding@Home, a screensaver that uses your PC's idle time to analyse the protein structures that may cause cancer. Hit

57. Football Manager
Because nothing captures the magic of football better than a wall of spreadsheets.

58. Morals defined entirely by killing
Because "I was good person. I let Anna Navarre live" is a great way to get funny looks on the train. Also, she was kind of hot.


59. Doom
Still brilliant. For a 3D update, download jDoom from

60. "You're a complete jackass"
Your brother, Paul Denton, after you kill the man you've been sent to interrogate in Deus Ex.

61. The end of A:/
Now our PCs begin at C. This amuses us.

62. The Supreme Commander trailer
Giant robots crawling from the sea. Now that's a PC game. See it again:

63. The eternal hope of Duke Nukem Forever
Duke's perpetual delay means we've always got something to look forward to other than death.

64. Overclocking
Voiding your warranty for extra frames per second gets easier every year. It's almost like Intel want us to burn through our processors.

65. Maps
Exploration is an under-rated thrill. Getting lost inside a dungeon, navigating your way out, uncovering new areas, wandering off the beaten path: this is the heart of PC adventuring.

66. Grinding
Tired? Bored? Have a glass of wine and grind some mobs. Seriously. It's so relaxing. 300 dead tigers later, and all is well with the world.

67. Stalker's broken landscapes
Happy? Don't be. Play Stalker - the miserable Chernobyl-based FPS. Wandering alone through countryside full of gruesome mutations and psychic monstrosities is enough to unsettle any mood. We prefer the original, Shadow of Chernobyl, to the later and flawed Clear Sky. Play it with the realism patch (available on our DVD) for a slightly more forgiving game.

68. Tradeskills
We never knew that tailoring could be so addictive. Got any spare frostweave?

69. The BFG
Because nothing says "f*** you" like a giant bogey to the face.


70. Crab walking
Enable disguise. Crouch. Look up. Waltz.

71. MS Flight Simulation
It's testament to both the power and range of PC gaming that Microsoft invested and supported the flight sim community for so long. Even more inspiring was the mini-industry that the game produced - with expansion sets, scenery packs, and all manner of new planes being made available by commercial and amateur modders. We might not be getting a new Microsoft endorsed Flight Sim any time soon, but flight-simmers, and the community they've built, don't need Microsoft. They'll get by.

72. Minesweeper and Solitaire
Every PC in the world comes with games installed. Think about that: the most powerful productivity enhancer our culture has produced comes with a built-in way to waste time.

73. Being the last man alive
All eyes are on you. You know the spectators are cheering. Will you survive?

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