200 Reasons to Love PC Gaming - Pt. 1

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74. Building your own PC
For under £600, you can buy the bits for a PC that will handle any game available today, or the rest of the year. And putting it all together is stupidly simple. We've put a PDF file with a feature showing you how on Issue 200's DVD.

75. Autoexec.bat
Veterans of the old school will alternately scowl or smile at the ridiculous technical process we used to go through, so often, to get our favourite games working. Manually editing text files to free up enough memory to proceed? Emm386.sys? Shudder.

76. Case mods
Because every PC needs a blue LED.

77. Minsc
"Go for the eyes, Boo!"

78. Games that save the world
Foldit (fold.it/portal) lets you solve scientific puzzles that aid scientific understanding.


79. Daikatana
It's even worse than we remember. At least it's a joke that all PC gamers can share.

80. Syndicate
We still miss the glorious brutality and urban violence of Syndicate: machinegunning civilians because you could... Jacking up your characters' neuroses by controlling their biochemical balance... Genius. Sequel please.

81. Sky-hopping in Battlefield
Battlefield 2 might be a frantic and fearsome shooter, but it's also a hysterical sandbox, waiting to be exploited. If you ever tire of shooting, get a few mates together and try some jet-stunts. You can jump from a 'copter to a boat while jumping through a dam, or swap planes in mid-air, fly upside down under a bridge, or reach 150ft using just det-packs and try to hit a passing helicopter.

82. The gravity gun
Because a toilet hurled into the face is the new "hello".

83. The portal gun
An elaborate solution to an age-old problem: not being able to see your own bottom.

84. Splinter Cell's Booby Trapped Doors
Setting the whole scene up takes far longer than just shooting the guy in the face, but it's worth it. But still, attaching a miniature mine to a door-frame, alongside a remote camera (so you can watch the whole dread escapade) and then whistling remains one of the funniest ways to make an entrance. "I AM SAM FISHER. MASTER OF STEALTH." Try it for yourself in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

85. Bejeweled
For turning your mum into a PC gamer. Also: fancy playing two great games at once? Try installing the excellent Bejeweled for World of Warcraft - available at snipurl.com/cxriz


86. Throwing chickens at helicopters
Crysis wasn't just a high-tech first-person shooter. It was a game about playing a superhero; about dashing up to oblivious soldiers, decloaking, and punching them into orbit. For more of that feeling, try the excellent Predator: Heat of the Jungle mod, available from www.snipurl.com/avp97.

87. Rockstar
For pushing a few boundaries. For their gorgeous free-roaming cities that always look best on PC. And for all the f**king swearing.

88. Kazap!
Best lasers ever? The dreadnought busters that slice your field of view in Freespace 2. That game is now available from www.gog.com for just a few quid. Try it and its brilliant Battlestar Galactica mod, Beyond the Red Line.

89. In-game gramophones
For those long voyages back to base, the latest in the WWII submarine series, Silent Hunter, includes an in-game gramophone. Get packs of period music in mp3 format from snipurl.com/cr1qg. You can copy the files straight into Silent Hunter's gramophone folder.

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