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200 Reasons to Love PC Gaming - Pt. 1

Celebrating 200 issues of PC Gamer

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90. Tim Curry
There was a time when Tim Curry ruled PC gaming - appearing in an endless parade of D-list interactive movies and puzzle games with pre-rendered graphics. Practically all of his work is on YouTube. You can even watch him age: Start at Wing Commander 3, check out Toon-Struck, then pay attention to his work in Gabriel Knight. End on the glorious silliness of Red Alert 3.

91. Pinball passions
PinMAME turns your PC into a functioning pinball table, right down to the multiball bonuses. PinMAME and its associated table designer enables gamers to recreate ancient favourites and modern classics. Beware: PinMAME might not infringe copyright, but downloading recreations of commercially available tables certainly does.

92. Massively co-op games
The fringes of PC gaming are home to truly incredible experiences: consider the Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault communities - clans of which are regularly involved in 40+ player combined arms operations, inserting squads via helicopter, and fighting vast hordes of enemy infantry together. To see what's possible, view the videos at

93. Anachronox's planet party-member
The insanely original and quirky sci-fi RPG Anachronox is a classic that's been cruelly forgotten. It's a game in which you save a planet. And then, because they had such a good time, that planet's inhabitants shrink their world and it joins your party as a beachball-like character with a face made out of satellites. That's not the best bit. You can still visit this planet, only now all its inhabitants have seen your adventures in the sky.

94. Vice City's incredible soundtrack
Atomic, frankly.

95. Epic manuals
Remember the doorstops that came with elderly simulators such as Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe? Or the amazing training manual-cum-short story that came with TIE Fighter? Today's special editions are about plastic figures and soundtracks. Rubbish. You can't take a pewter Big Daddy to bed.

96. The new
There is a thrill in sheer potential - in looking at the first screenshots and movies of a game, of reading previews and impressions, imagining what it's going to feel like to play, to be engrossed in that world. These are breakthrough moments for PC games: remember the first shots of Rome: Total War, Far Cry, or even Quake?

97. One healthkit per crate
It seems like you could maybe package healthkits in something smaller. Like a shoebox.

98. The Shire
Lord of the Rings Online does one thing absolutely right: it nails the feel of Tolkien's world. Its recreation of the Shire is perfect - from the silly little hobbit houses, to strange men attacking local farms. A ten-day trial for this excellent MMO is available from - we suggest you take a look.

99. Mod stacking
One mod is never enough. Try Unreal Tournament: add slow-motion, and big-head mode, and insta-gib, and more, and you'll have a game that looks and plays very differently from when you started.

100. De_Dust
We know every nook and cranny of this perfect Counter-Strike map, and find routes to the bombsites with our eyes closed. We love it so much we hired the designer, Dave Johnston, to make a PC Gamer themed version of it.

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