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200 Reasons to Love PC Gaming - Pt. 2

Celebrating 200 issues of PC Gamer...

The PC Gamer team celebrates 200 issues by compiling the reasons we still love mouse and keyboard gaming...

Read part one of PC Gamer's 200 Reasons here.

101. Night vision versus heat vision
One lets you see through walls, the other lets you spy on spies.

102.Moss arrows
Need to cross a clanking grate? Moss arrows can help! Next time, just wear slippers.

103.Planescape Torment
This RPG shows that fantasy doesn't have to mean faux medieval towns and stupid beards. It looks great with the widescreen mod:


104.Purple drops
We're all about the professor plums.

105.Socketing items
Gems = more hurt.

106.LAN Parties
We might take a month to organise transport and a venue, but once there it's rare we'll actually get to play much. We'll just spend most of the day patching our favourite games. PC gaming: we wouldn't have it any other way.

107.Zombie patches
Want to add shamblers to your favourite game? We've included a couple of patches on our DVD.

108.A fresh Windows install...
And the promise of a hard-drive to fill.

109.The cow level
Once you've killed Bael, the real point of Diablo II arrives: the secret cow level. It's you versus many, many angry bovines.

110.The railgun
The ultimate test of your twitch skills.

111.The Longest Yard
Oh, my railgun-shot knocked you off the ledge. Again. Sorry about that. Bad luck.

112.John Carmack
For Quake, rockets, and the discovery of deathmatch.

113.Enemy Territory
Still the fastest team shooter around, and still entirely free. The same developers went on to make the equally extreme-paced Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Get your WWII fix from our DVD, and do it now.

It's the fastest and silliest racing game we know of. The free version, TrackMania Nations, is on our DVD, but we'd recommend paying for the complete version: TrackMania United. It's only £20 and available on Steam.


115.Indie Prototypes
Indie developers are constantly trying new game mechanics well in advance of their arrival into the mainstream. Before GTA's hysterical drunken ragdoll physics arrived, we'd experienced similar with Sumotori Dreams, an abstracted Sumo game in which your characters worked constantly to remain upright (try it at Before World of Goo, as students the developers responsible tested their mechanics with Tower of Goo (try it at

116.The Marian Reforms
When the Romans in Rome: Total War suddenly become hard cases. And turtles become tough nuts to crack.

117.Hitman Blood Money
Woefully under-appreciated, Blood Money is the assassin sim we've dreamed about: 14 levels of ludicrous violence, where dozens of tortuous plans to get to your target can be set in motion. It rewards clear thought, sadism and experimentation, and we commend it to you.

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