Golden Joystick Voting 2009

Every vote counts, so get casting yours now!

Yes, it's that time of year again folks. The voting has begun for the 2009 Golden Joystick Awards!

You have until May 22 to cast your Long List Votes and select the very best games of 2009 for the final shortlist categories. The finalists will be announced on May 27, so you better hurry to ensure your favourites make it.

2008 broke all records for the Golden Joysticks, with the final votes total standing at a whopping 856,262 and Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare bagging four Awards. 2009 is set to be even bigger and better, with top PS3 games such as Killzone 2, Little Big Planet and Call Of Duty World At War all in the running for Awards.

It's your votes that count, and you can vote in as many categories as you like. We'll be announcing the winners on October 30 as the grand finale to 2009's London Games Festival. Remember, only games released between May 22 2008 and May 22 2009 are eligible for inclusion in the main categories of this year's awards.

If you need any help remembering which games floated your boat over the last year or which games you're most looking forward to, you really ought to pick up issue 121 of PSW, on sale now. We've bagged the first look at Aliens Vs Predator, which is in the running for The One To Watch Award, along with new looks at BioShock 2 and Mafia II. As if that wasn't enough, we also have the UK's exclusive review of Guitar Hero Metallica, which is a contender for the PlayStation Game of the Year Award.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new issue of PSW, then cast your Long List Votes for the 2009 Golden Joystick Awards over at the Golden Joysticks website.