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Call Of Duty Cold War

Give us your thoughts on the World At War 2 setting and get in the mag!

You've probably read the rumour by now, but here's the lowdown if you're still a bit woozy after a booze-soaked Bank Holiday: the next World At War game is going to be set in Vietnam, as well as Cuba, Africa and the Soviet Union.

It all points to a story set around the Cold War, with missions either based on or directly involving the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Crisis of 1961, and possibly the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Have you been put off Vietnam games by the likes of Shellshock 2, or is it a war only Call Of Duty can do justice to? Does the Cold War period of history even interest you?

We'd love to know your thoughts - and the best responses will get printed in issue #121, on sale 21 May!