Fallout Broken Steel PC is broken

More DLC woes for Bethesda - UPDATE

Bethesda just can't get a break; Angry Fallout 3 fans are reporting that the PC download for just-released DLC pack Broken Steel is corrupted, meaning nobody can play it.

After downloading the DLC through Games for Windows - Live players are greeted with an "Install of item Broken Steel Failed", message, official forum users report.


The mishap comes at a bad time for Bethesda, as it saw massive fan outcry when the last DLC release, The Pitt also failed to work properly upon releasing on Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 version is said to be unaffected.

We're awaiting comment on the situation from Bethesda, but to be fair the blame probably lies on the GFW authentication side...

UPDATE: Bethesda has issued CVG the following responses:

Regarding PC: "We're seeing the same error, which is a Games for Windows Live DRM Install error. Microsoft is working on fixing it, and we'll let everyone know once we've verified it."

Regarding Xbox: "The Xbox Live servers don't seem to be fully synched yet with the additional achievements. This should fix itself automatically soon. People won't lose any achievements."