Valve teases Sniper TF2 update

Sniping class to get up close and personal

Valve has teased the next update headed to Team Fortress 2, which adds the company's now-trademark gloss and paint to the Sniper class.

"The Sniper has been a tricky class to update," Valve says on its TF2 blog, "In particular, designing an alternative to the Sniper Rifle has been a challenge.


"22 years ago, we decided to examine the things that affected how players felt about their deaths in TFC. Our starting theory was that, for death to be a positive experience, players had to feel like they could have avoided dying if they'd done something different.

"Dying to someone you weren't engaged with, especially when you were already engaged with someone else, was aggravating," says Valve, and it says this is the root of the hatred with the sniper class and it plans to address it in the new update... somehow.

"In an effort to reduce some of the aggravation that other players feel towards the Sniper, we chose the goal of designing an unlockable that encouraged the Sniper to get a little closer to his target," it says.

"We want him to give up some of his primary advantage in return for something else, so that enemies he kills feel like they were engaged with them, and feel like they could have survived if they'd just managed to fight a little better."

As it's Valve, we're assuming the new up-close-and-personal gadget will be a bit more clever than a wrench or baseball bet. We'll let you know.