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Ghostbusters Now A PS3 Exclusive

Sony answers the call in the strangest twist yet.

Here are the facts:

  • Sony will now publish the game, not Atari.

  • The release date for the PS3 and PS2 versions is still 19 June.

  • The PSP version will be out in the autumn.
  • The news is fantastic for PS3 gamers and a real coup for Sony, but it's a bizarre, late twist in what's become a bit of a circus. You may remember the game was dropped by Activision when it merged with Vivendi, then picked up by Atari back in November last year. Before all that though there was the other Ghostbusters game in development at ZootFly that was eventually slimed.

    So, how does the latest switch in publisher make you feel about the game? Is it a day one purchase now it's a PS3 exclusive, or has the game's turbulent history made you a bit suspicious or wary of it? Leave your comments below...