CoD map pack hits two million sales

Gamers lapping up World at War DLC

Over two million gamers have downloaded the first Call of Duty: World at War map pack in under two months.


"This is a huge milestone and we are so appreciative of our incredibly supportive community who continue to play and enjoy the game," said Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia.

Unsurprisingly, Activision recently confirmed that a second downloadable map pack for the game is in the works.

Titled 'Map Pack 2' you'll get 'Banzai' (a jungle map complete with waterfalls and caves), 'Corrosion' (more trainyard action) and 'Sub Pens' (rainy bombed-out submarine base), plus a new Nazi Zombies map called 'Shi No Numa', which means Zombie Swamp.

"We're hard at work on Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 and look forward to delivering that in June," said Lamia.