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Bizarre Creations: Blur

Lead designer on leaving PGR behind

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Is that sort of user-generated content something you've been thinking about for a while?

Talbot: It's something that we've wanted to do for a while. Ever since we got PR departments inside the company we've had quite a big following.

We've sort of been looking at ways of integrating that into our games and when we started coming up with this idea of a social network the two ideas just fitted together. We don't really know where it's going to end.

We certainly know that it's something we want to expand for the second game. But we've only had two years to make this game so we think that what we'll do is make a good start and put a lot of the components in place.

Obviously Blur is a franchise. We can't just be thinking of one game, we've got to be thinking about three games in the future. Right now we think that the social network - especially the online stuff - over the next few years is going to get much bigger.


At the same time, if fans demanded it would you go the other direction? Would you scale back?

Talbot: If they demanded it, yeah. I think first and foremost like most businesses we're there to give the people what they want and we do everything we can to guess or find out what it is that people are attracted to.

Social network is something people are interested in right now and there are more ideas out there than can be put into this one game.

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