New MGS game to star Raiden?

Kojima's new project revealed on May 18...

An ad that has appeared in a Japanese games mag teases a new project from Kojima Productions that will be revealed on May 18.

The ad (blow) is a view of a stormy sky overshadowing a dry grassy field, with the date on the right and the URL (which didn't work at the time of writing) beneath that.


Bilingual internet peoples (and Google) say that the word Raiden (the name of the major Metal Gear Solid character, and the main playable character in MGS2) means "thunder and lightening" and, we've read, is also the alternative name for Raijin, a God of thunder and lightening in Japanese mythology.

Adding to that, look at the shapes in the clouds carefully and it kinda looks like Snake lying down (his head on the right page, body on the left).

So that's us hoping for a new MGS game starring Raiden for PS3 to be revealed, but of course it's all just speculation at the moment. Five days to go though (please don't be an iPhone game).