Kojima website updated with Raiden image?

Update: But is it a fake?

Hideo Kojima is nothing but a dirty tease. And we love it.

Fake or real?

Update: This Twitter pic has just come to our attention (thanks chriskernagham) and we've had a look at the countdown but can find no image of said Raiden. He either popped up for a limited time only or someone's been playing with Photoshop. Update out.

Original story:As reported last week the man famous for the Metal Gear series is teasing his new project with a website and countdown. That same website has now been updated with the number '5' or could it be an 'S'?


All the site has done so far is prompt more rumour and speculation than any PR department can deal with. Is it a new Metal Gear? A spin-off or something completely different. Either way, there's not too long to wait before we find out.

If you can't wait any longer though, go and have a read of PSM3's latest blog, which begins, "We might retract this hastily on Monday - though we doubt it - but Kojima's new game is... a Metal Gear title (possibly MGS5, or a new subtitle), starring Raiden. Hideo Kojima will, more than likely, announce another new game at E3 (we're not giving you any more clues than that) but our sources suggest it'll surprise and delight fans."