Team Ico's 'Trico' leaked - amazing video

Shadow of the Colossus dev's new game revealed

Early test footage of Team Ico's new PS3 game, 'Project Trico' has leaked on to the internet - and it looks incredible.

No details on the game have been released yet, though from the footage it looks like you team up with a griffin-like creature (who actually looks like a big puppy... awww) to explore a ruined world, fly through the skies and swim beneath the depths.

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It looks fantastic, so it's justifiably been added to the One to Watch category for the 2009 Golden Joysticks. Why not give Project Trico a vote?

SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed last year that Team Ico's been working on the game for four years, and it's looking "really, really good".

And just for fun, here's the early prototype movie for Team Ico's second stunner, Shadow Of the Colossus.