Kojima's next game... Lord of Shadow?

Hideo Kojima involved in Konami action game?

Kojima Productions has been busily teasing away its next game this month, but after revelations in the world of magazines its next title could have already been accidentally revealed.

The latest issue of PSW - which went on sale this week - features a teaser for its next issue with the headline, "Hideo Kojima's Next Game". It continues: "Konami has been busy hinting at what the Metal Gear Solid 4 developer will do next. Well we know. And all will be revealed next issue!"


The teasing text is accompanied by a silhouette of what appears to be a big burly man. It's since been discovered that the silhouette pays a near-perfect resemblance to the lead character from Konami's 360 and PS3 action game, Lord of Shadow. Whoops.

In case you missed it, Lord of Shadow was announced last year and is being developed by Spain-based Clive Barker's Jericho dev, Mercury Steam. It's described as a "dark fairy tale with lots of combat and puzzle solving. Konami boldly claimed, "this is a title we hope will set a new standard for action-adventure titles."

Considering the big song a dance he's made recently over intentions to work with a Western developer, Kojima's supposed involvement in the game seems plausible.

That said, as Lord of Shadow's isn't strictly a Kojima Productions title, we'd be surprised if it turned out to be the developer's 'big' reveal being teased on the internet this month.

For the full low-down on what Kojima's up to we suppose we're going to have to tick down the hours to E3, Kojima Productions' website countdown or PSW number 122 on June 18.