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Publisher recalls Terminator PC

Because you can't install it. Doh!

Terminator Salvation's US publisher has recalled all copies of the just-released PC shooter... because it doesn't actually work.

Thanks to a "defect" that occurred during replication of the PC version, Terminator Salvation doesn't actually let user install the game, said US publisher Evolved Games.

"We have recalled all PC copies of Terminator Salvation from retail in North America and are currently in the process of replicating new copies," it said. "The new copies will be on store shelves in a few days.

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"A replacement plan for all end users that purchased the defective units is currently being set up. Details to get a replacement copy will be announced shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused the end users that purchased the defective copy."

The Grin-developed third-person action title launched in the US on Tuesday for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Only the PC version has been affected by the defect.

UK publisher Warner Bros. will roll it out in the UK next Friday.