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PSW Prototype Review!

The latest issue of PSW, on sale today, features the world exclusive Prototype review!

Can Prototype live up to the promise or has it's hype waned in the wake of inFamous?

There's been a lot of hype recently over the battle of the sandbox comic games, inFamous versus Prototype. Our exclusive review of Prototype, in PSW 121 on sale today, proves one thing - they're very different games.

Prototype fully embraces its sandbox themes, offering pure freedom and packs the screen with hundreds of zombies, tanks and helicpters; monsters, giant tentacles and scared New Yorkers.

Prototype is a crazy game. Read the exclusive review to find out if it's a great, crazy game.

There's also a second exclusive review, of THQ's Mars-set sandbox shooter Red Faction Guerrilla. Total destruction is the theme, anyone disappointed by Mercenaries 2 needs to read-up on the Saint's Row 2 developer's latest!

But we come back to inFamous, as we spotlight Sony's big three games for the coming year. The sandbox adventure inFamous is played, there's new impressions of 256-player shooter MAG and Uncharted 2's multiplayer and co-op modes come under the spotlight.

So, inFamous or Prototye? We're the only mag to have played final, complete builds on both. But you'll have to pick up the mag to find out which way we jump!