8 Big E3 Rumours

Games and hardware speculation set for next week

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PC: Same old faces
The familiar PC heroes are set to fly the mouse and keyboard flag next month, with Blizzard likely to announce a final release date for StarCraft II (and perhaps Diablo). Meanwhile Valve will no doubt wow with well overdue Half-Life: Episode 3 and whatever else it's been working on, and Crysis developer Crytek is also due a game reveal. Crysis 2?

PS3 Slim
Sony's second hardware vision is this suspicious-looking 'slim' PlayStation 3 that supposedly leaked from a hardware factory in Asia. They look dodgy but a barrage of mysterious cease and desist orders that've since been mailed out to website hosting the pictures suggest there's more to this story. After all, you don't send legal warnings over fake photographs, do you?

Xbox Motion
The Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' is the rumour that just won't die. Last year industry chatter suggested that Microsoft was set to unveil its own motion-sensing aspirations at E3 - but it didn't happen. This year looks far more likely though, with even the Wall Street Journal reporting that the platform holder will show a motion-sensing "camera" in Los Angeles. It's going to be an interesting Xbox press conference.

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