8 Big E3 Rumours

Games and hardware speculation set for next week

E3 2009 is just one week away. With internet blogging and Twitter growing even larger - and game exec's mouths getting looser - it's easier than ever to predict what we'll be seeing in the headlines come the week of June 1.

If you read the internet on a regular basis then none of this will be news (or rumour and speculation) to you. But where there's smoke there's a PR person writing a press release. We'll update the list after E3 so see who wins; fact or fiction.

Kojima's new game
Old Hideo's been busy teasing his next game on the internet this month, and there's a lot of talk that it could (finally) turn out to be an updated version of Metal Gear Solid 4 for Xbox 360. Kojima's not heading just one game at the moment though, and increased speculation has spiralled from his discussions over working with a Western developer. Could we see two games from the MGS man in the next year?

XBLA Retro Explosion
Xbox Live Arcade's 2009 line-up is already off to a brilliant start with Monkey Island and Wolfenstein both having leaked onto the net. But we've heard that even more retro goodness is due to grace the service, with internet reports claiming that the original Perfect Dark - and perhaps even more Rare classics - are on the way. We're holding out for Killer Instinct like the rest of you. Until then keep your eyes on Microsoft's press conference for anything to do with this.

Crackdown 2
Speculation's been mounting that Microsoft could be plotting a follow-up to its rooftop-hopping cop game Crackdown. The chatter began when many of Crackdown's original developers left to form Microsoft-linked studio Ruffian games, and MS only fuelled speculation further with the release of a Premium NXE Crackdown theme this month. A new dashboard theme for a two year old game? Why on earth would they do that? Unless...

The impending PSP redesign is perhaps the worst kept hardware secret yet. Reports citing the revision have been cropping up all year, but the most recent claims that 'PSP Go!' will be unveiled at E3 with 16GB of built-in flash memory, a new sliding screen and the removal of the UMD drive entirely. This sounds on the money to us, keep your eyes on Sony's E3 press conference. Update: This one's 100 confirmed - first pics here.

Nintendo's big guns
Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has gone on record in an interview with Forbes that the company's disappointing E3 2008 showing may have been "misunderstood" by hardcore gamers. This is a sure suggestion that we might see more swords and guns, and less drum kits and balance boards from Nintendo's 2009 showing. Both Mario and Zelda teams have been busily working for over two years - will we see new instalments? (PLEASE GOD YES)

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