Job ad teases "next-gen Xbox platform" details

MS talks of "groundbreaking new game experiences" and a "300,000 player game"

A job listing from Microsoft Game Studios for a software development engineer contains interesting hints to MS' plans for its "next-generation Xbox platform".

It says in the listing: "Microsoft Games Studios is looking for experienced game developers to work on next generation Xbox platform titles and Windows games for the first-party publishing team."


Skipping past all the techie jargon, it later says: "We want to enable millions of people to tune in and watch or play in groundbreaking new game experiences connected to LIVE ... We are building the games, the console interface and logic, and the server support for all of this.

It goes on to hint: "Both the games and the dashboard experience will be deeply paired with dynamic server support to create a compelling, fresh scenario each time.

"We are building an extremely high performance system to extend console games to the server in new ways; creating a completely new set of web services to support dynamic programming information of games and scheduling data; integration with the Xbox LIVE services and infrastructure to deliver an end-to-end architecture with our partners."

It says the new tech must see gamers "interacting with my schedule and my friend's schedules to play together," and applicants will be involved in "building a backend capable of hosting a 300,000 player game in real-time with real money on the line (anti-cheating, etc)," in the listing.

Interesting stuff.