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E3: 360 scoops Modern Warfare 2 DLC

Two pack to launch on 360 "first"

Infinity Ward took to the stage to show off a snowy level, with them scaling a cliff face. It's like Cliffhanger - the game. We saw gunning in a snow storm, using a heartbeat monitor to sneak out enemies, a bit like Aliens.

Charges are set and the explosions weren't soon off in the demo - time to leg it. Guys are getting shot, planes are blowing up as snowmobiles turn up.

The pair of protagonists then leg it down a hillside, gunning any snowmobile drivers silly enough to follow. The player hops on board, driving through the trees at mental-miles-per-hour. Demo's over. Looks awesome.

Microsoft finished the demo by confirming that two Modern Warfare map packs will launch first on Xbox Live. Check back for new assets soon.