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E3: Wii Zelda next year

Miyamoto confirms new Zelda is almost ready

Legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told a round table event at E3 that a new Zelda game will be revealed soon and hopefully released in 2010.

The invite-only event, which CVG attended, saw Miyamoto tell the gathering press that a new Zelda is "quite far into development". He also confirmed it would use Wii MotionPlus and artwork from the game was even on display.

"We really wanted to announce a Zelda game for Wii here at this year's E3," said Miyamoto. "But we've already shown you a Zelda on Wii, and rather than try to think of something to bring here to show you we really wanted to focus on actual game development."

There was a 'no photograghy' rule at the behind-closed-doors event so don't expect to see pics any time soon. You'll have to do with this discription instead.

The artwork featured Link with a new character who was a smaller, white-coloured character that looked a bit like a Zora from previous Zelda titles, says Official Nintendo Magazine. "It really does - I hope - prove to you that we are quite far into development of the title," he said.

"We hope to bring it to you next year. It may take a little longer," he added. Next year IT IS then. We'll hold you to that Miyamoto.