E3 Interview: Shuhei Yoshida

Q&A: Phil Harrison's SCE Worldwide Studios replacement

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Is there enough extra power for a ten-year lifecycle?

The platform is evolving. The firmware and software are evolving. So the teams in Tokyo and the US are adding features and making more memory available. It's allowing the developer to incorporate more interesting network features, for example. And the more code they move from the PPU to the SPUs, the more they find the computing-intensive tasks like AI and particle effects to be very easy on PS3. You'll see more and more interesting character behaviours and unique graphics. That's only possible using the power of Cell.

So do you foresee a gap emerging between the firstparty titles and the multiplatform ones?

The way I understand it from talking to friends in the industry, the multiplatform providers still have specific engineering teams for each platform. And engineers working specifically on PS3 are finding the same thing as our internal teams. It's more a business decision whether the publisher allows the versions of a game to be different.

Why was The Last Guardian not shown earlier, and were you disappointed at the leak?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. Maybe there's a reason the person who leaked it waited until just before E3. But the reason we didn't show early footage was because the team wanted to feel comfortable that the vision they created could be delivered. So everything we showed here was from the game engine, and they've got to the point where they know they can make this game and can see how it'll be completed.

Do they have a release date in mind?

When I teased them about being the Olympic Team [a reference to four-year gaps between Team Ico's games], I thought that would suggest a limit of Christmas this year. But we'll be able to show more now because the game is running and the team is creating more and more content, and you'll be able to play it sooner rather than later.

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