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EA winding down licensed games?

Godfather dropped as EA Games boss says 'the bloom is off' licensed games

It seems the days of EA's well-oiled licensed game machine could be numbered, as The Godfather joins James Bond, Lord of the Rings and Batman in the publisher's recently dropped brand names.

After confirming that EA is "not going to do another" Godfather game, Games boss Frank Gibeau suggested that licensed games will play less of a role in EA's strategy for the future.

"The bloom is really off the rose for licensed games," Gibeau told the Los Angeles Times.

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An EA spokesperson later rushed to deliver the publication the official line that "nothing has been decided as to future [Godfather] sequels". Though it sounds like it has.

The comments could have interesting repercussions for the development of the upcoming Harry Potter games and Starbreeze-developed Jason Bourne. Will these get the traditional marketing bang EA's typically put behind its licensed games?

Either way, more Dead Space and less 007 Racing can only be a good thing.